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Background of TAWIRI

The Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) was established by Act of Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania No. 4 of 1980, under the name “Serengeti Wildlife Research Institute” (SWRI), with the overall responsibility of carrying out, coordinating and supervising all wildlife research in the country. The original name of the Institute was changed from SWRI to TAWIRI in 1999, by the Act of Parliament No.10, to give its broader meaning and mandate on wildlife research throughout the country. The headquarter of the Institute is located at Njiro, Arusha and comprises of four Research Centres in various locations namely; (i) Mahale-Gombe Wildlife Research Centre in Gombe National Park, (ii) Kingupira Wildlife Research Centre in Selous Game Reserve (iii) Njiro Wildlife Research Centre in Njiro, in the city of Arusha, and (iv) Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre in Serengeti National Park. In addition to these centres, the Institute has five research stations namely, Endala (Manyara National Park), Lower Kihansi (Kilombero District), Magugu (Babati District), West Kilimanjaro (Hai District) and Tabora (Tabora Municipal). The Institute also has three Units; Conservation Information and Monitoring Unit, (CIMU) which conducts wildlife census and stores data on wildlife for the country; Wildlife Information and education Unit (WIE) which carries outreach programs in dissemination of research findings; and the last one is Accounts Unit which manages financial affairs of the institute.