Review of statutory instruments governing wildlife protection, utilization, management, and development of wildlife and wetland resources in Tanzania.

The overall goal of the policy project was to examine the opportunities and challenges in the implementation of the policy issues in the wildlife policy of 2007 and its legislation (the Wildlife Conservation Act (No. 5 of 2009) and its amendment in 2013; and respective Regulations, 2018) to identify areas of recommendation for reform and for supporting conservation and livelihood needs. The policy issues reviewed included the 17 policy statements stated in the wildlife policy of 2007 in relation to protection, utilisation, management of wildlife resources as well as international cooperation. Analysis of the three issues (1) Maintenance of viable conservation areas of all-important habitats and viable populations of all species; (2) illegal taking of wildlife resources; and (3) Loss of wildlife habitat, and wetlands degradation show that the policy has been successful in increasing the number and size of PAs and improving the conservation of populations of wildlife species.


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