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The Serengeti Wildlife Research Centre (SWRC) is the genesis of all wildlife research in Tanzania, since it is at this centre where first research work was initiated by the Germany scientist Prof. Bernhard Grizmek in 1950s. In 1963 the Serengeti Research Institute (SRI) was formed under Tanzania National Parks. The centre was originally the headquarter of SRI before it was changed to Serengeti Wildlife Research Institute (SWRI) by the Act of Parliament No.4 of 1980. The original name of the Institute was changed from SWRI to TAWIRI in 1999, by the Act of Parliament No.10 (CAP 260 RE 2002), to give its broader meaning and mandate on wildlife research throughout the country. SWRC is responsible for carrying out and overseeing wildlife research in the Serengeti ecosystem.
The SWRC is found in the Serengeti National Park (SNP) which is about 327km from Arusha town, 95km from Mugumu town, 150km from Lamadi town and 60km from Fort Ikoma. The Centre has one research station (Endala) which is in Lake Manyara National Park and is located about 17km from the main entrance gate.

Our Services

The centre offers Consultancies services  on wildlife conservation to various stakeholders includes, Scientific Talks, Professional training, coordination and supervision of field activities for the students in Wildlife Management, Biology, Laboratory science and Veterinary Medicines during their practical training sessions. Prior to field practical training lectures provided to the student based on their disciplines to raise awareness on activities they are going to do.


Dr. Emmanuel Masenga

Centre Director

Our Facilities

1. Laboratory
2. Library
3.Hostels for researchers.

Research Projects

  1. Wild Dog Conservation Project in Serengeti Ecosystem
  2. Human Elephant Conflict Mitigations
  3. Biodiversity survey in Manyara National Park, Mto wa Mbu and Lake Natron Game Controlled Areas
  4. Elephant and Rhino Monitoring in Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  5. Mwiba – Makao – Maswa Elephant Monitoring Project
  6. Developing provisional model of Parasite Resource Bank in Tanzania on International Cooperation.

Research Projects by Foreign Scientist

  1. Serengeti ecosystem processes.
  2. Serengeti hyaena project.
  3. Serengeti cheetah project.
  4. Serengeti lion project.
  5. Serengeti biodiversity programme.
  6. Biocomplexity project.
  7. Carnivore diseases project


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