This plan is a roadmap that guides the institute’s management to make comprehensive
short and medium-term plans for appropriate decision-making. It focuses on the big picture
from a long-term perspective and provides an opportunity to address fundamental questions
to undertake initiatives and reforms. It is, therefore, an important working document for the
Board of Directors, Treasury Registrar and the Ministry in overseeing the performance of
TAWIRI. The strategic objectives and targets will guide the institute to provide services and
goods of high quality to local and international stakeholders.
In the next five years (2021/22-2025/26), TAWIRI is expected to provide services to its
stakeholders while observing the core values. The vision, mission, core values and objectives
will spearhead the achievement of the institute’s promises and commitments. Based on your
knowledge, experiences and the practices of others, you must face the tests of realizing a
balance and synergy between wildlife research and conservation to ensure sustainable use
of natural resources. All your efforts should be geared towards ensuring the sustainability of
wildlife conservation in a way that benefits wildlife, humankind and the environment.
This plan, therefore, aims to bolster the institute’s position at regional and global scales.
Most importantly, the plan endeavors to contribute to the National Development Agenda as
spelt out in the Tanzania Vision 2025. It is the wish of the Ministry that the Board and the
Management will enhance the implementation of strategic objectives while taking on board
pertinent issues and challenges that were not successfully addressed in the preceding plan
(2018/19-2022/23). The Ministry is convinced that the institute’s mission will be realized
as planned and thus commits itself to give full support towards the realization of expected
outcomes. On behalf of the Ministry, I am pleased to present the fourth TAWIRI Strategic
Plan (2021/22-2025/26) and call upon the Management to work hard and collaborate with all
stakeholders in its implementation whilst safeguarding the core values of the institute.


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