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All Research activities at TAWIRI are coordinated by the Directorate of Research and Coordination.TAWIRI comprises of four Research Centres (WRC) namely Serengeti WRC, Kingupira WRC, Mahale-Gombe WRC and Njiro WRC.

Research Projects under TAWIRI

  • Human Elephant Conflict Project in Western Serengeti
  • Serengeti Wild dogs Project
  • TAWIRI Veterinary Program
  • Hunting for Sustainability
  • Reducing Human - Elephant Conflict and Improving Elephant Welfare around Mikumi National Park
  • Updating the Tanzania Elephant Management Plan
  • Effects of Agriculture Activities in Wetland Ecosystem
  • Development of a Meta-database of Wildlife Research Information and Archives at TAWIRI Headquarters
  • One Health Initiative: African Research Consortium for Ecosystem and Population Health One Health Network for Enhanced Research in Infectious Diseases
  • Population Status and Conservation Threats of Puku (Kobus vardoni) in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania